Ridiculously Good Chocolate Chunk Cookies 

- P L U S -

70% Dark Theo Chocolate - Caffé Vita Coffee
Nutrition from Organic Oats and Ancient Grains

Special Update:

We are currently in the process of finally securing distribution of
Bonnie's Survival Cookies
for purchase at markets and convenience stores
throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as
throughout the Continental U.S.,
starting in early 2015.

For our friends, this means having fresh Survival Cookies
whenever you want them at your favorite neighborhood store
with our same premium ingredients - at a new low price!

If you're a retailer who wants to bring our delicious,
wholesome vegan cookies to your customers,
please visit our Contact page. We're here 24/7
and we would LOVE teaming up with you.
Please surf our site to find out why Survival Cookies are unique.

Of course at that time, we'll have plenty of Bonnie's Survival Cookies for you
to order right here at SurvivalCookies.com.

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