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After breaking our old single-day record for sales at Seattle Hempfest, we're making fresh SURVIVAL COOKIES for online sales!

We've shined up our website, cleared out the channels and made it so easy for you to enjoy SURVIVAL COOKIES once again!

We ship to anywhere in the continental United States, and if you order two dozen or more, not only will you become immensely popular at the office or at class, but you'll get them shipped via 2-day shipping for FREE.

So jump back in and enjoy BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES - just in time for the new semester and back to work.

Most of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and your loyalty! We hope we repay it properly with our new look and great taste!

Survival Cookies at Seattle Hempfest 2014, August 15 - 17, 2014

Look for the shady and colorful BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES booth at this year's Hempfest! Bonnie, Howard and Lori will be there all three days helping festival goers survive the weekend with our sensational Original Survival Cookies.

Hempfest is the largest festival of its kind anywhere on the planet, drawing over 300,000 people to Seattle's Waterfront for three days of music, food, fun and education.

You'll find us just north of the main stage and near the now-famous Stephen Colbert Bridge to Somewhere at Booth 490. Come on by, and enjoy some Survival Cookies and some great times!

The Test Bake Happened May 8th - And It Was AWESOME

We're told this doesn't happen often at a test bake, but our new co-packer, Fairlight Bakery in Vancouver, WA, and Bonnie declared the SURVIVAL COOKIES test bake a success on just about every level. Good enough for us to take delivery of over 700 new Survival Cookies and relaunch our great flagship!

While we still seek out new partners for online ordering, we'll be selling Survival Cookies once again at local farmer's markets, The Garden Restaurant in downtown Walla Walla and at upcoming major festivals in the Pacific Northwest. Keep checking to find out when and where. In the meantime, thank you for your support!

Videos are on the way!

Written by Bonnie Hoffman — May 20, 2014

MADE IN WASHINGTON - And Another Update!

WASHINGTON PRIDE - There's one thing we've been proud of since day one, and that's keeping Bonnie's Survival Cookies true to our roots in the great state of Washington. Survival Cookies were born here, developed here, made here and launched here. So it gives us another dose of pride to be recognized by Impact Washington as a newly certified "Made In Washington" product. Our packaging and website will reinforce that by displaying this emblem. Thank you, Impact Washington!

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER UPDATE - Anyone who launches a new business will nod in recognition when we say a few speed bumps delayed our test bake. But now it finally seems all the puzzle pieces are in place and the gears all mesh. We're now a firm "go" for the first week of May to test our recipe and packaging at our new co-packer, Fairlight Bakery in Vancouver, WA. We can't wait to show you our packaging and results. Let's just say we're excited!

We can tell you this, and again, anyone who starts a business can relate: We've run a marathon, a triathlon, the Iditarod and an Indy 500...and we're now clawing and crawling our way to...the STARTING line! It's now in our sights. Thank you all for your support and for following our journey.

More to come...

May? OUI!

We're almost home! We're looking at a target of early May for the return of Survival Cookies, and saying we're excited barely describes it. Excited, nerve-jangled, thrilled, nail-biting, ecstatic, sleepless…you name it. The only thing we're not fretting over is the cookie itself. It's going to be every bit as good as you want it to be. We didn't want to compromise on anything, and every one of our signature ingredients is still in the recipe.

Everything's now in place for our late-April test bake in our new facility right here in Washington state, and we'll be posting pictures and videos of this blessed event…the rebirth of BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES! And as always, thanks for your patience. It will be worth it!

MAY, MAY, MAY! Here we come!

The Process Continues…And Definitely Going Forward!

It really is an amazing phase we're going into, and we're making absolutely sure everything is perfect! Our new baking location is spectacular, and rarin' to go. Right now, we're getting all our ingredients in line for our test bake, and it looks like it'll be happening sooner rather than later.

Once we have the cookie and the packaging perfected, we'll be back - and this time, we'll be in stores and hospitality locations where you can get BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES any time you want them. And yes, you'll be able to order them right here at 

Thank you SO much for bearing with us during this new chapter. There's so much work behind the scenes going on, and we're very proud of how it's shaping up. We truly want to make a product you'll absolutely love, and that takes a lot of oversight and love on our part.

Meanwhile, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter (click the "All About You" link above to join in), and you'll be rewarded with updates, great music, fun photos and (at any minute) a date when you can once again enjoy BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES!

Much Love,


Survival Cookies Relaunch Update 1/22/2014

Hello from the great Pacific Northwest. We're all working 24/7 to get Survival Cookies back into your smiles, and it's getting closer to reality!

We'll be completely up front about our progress with you, our friends and fans. We're about to perform our test bake in our new facility located in Washington state. How far along are we? We'll soon be unveiling our brand new packaging (it's awesome!) and we're getting all the details added to it this week, like nutrition facts, UPC codes - all that fun stuff. We're mighty proud of our new look, so watch this space for it.

Survival Cookies themselves will be in terrific hands. Our new facility is wonderful (Hint: They were on a recent episode of Food Factory on the Biography Channel!), and our ingredient suppliers have been given the good news that we're back. It's a wonderful feeling to tell people we're back in business.

Although truthfully, we never were OUT of business! We've worked throughout the winter to get closer to the day when we start rolling Survival Cookies off the lines again.

Keep checking in, and ALWAYS follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Bonnie will post the tunes she's listening to that inspire her as she pulls it all together, and we'll update you on our progress.

It's happening. We're excited. And we know you're going to love this delicious new phase. Thanks for your patience and your support. They'll both be rewarded.

For now, here are the three words we say among ourselves: Small business rules!

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