Bonnie's Survival Cookies®

May? OUI!

We're almost home! We're looking at a target of early May for the return of Survival Cookies, and saying we're excited barely describes it. Excited, nerve-jangled, thrilled, nail-biting, ecstatic, sleepless…you name it. The only thing we're not fretting over is the cookie itself. It's going to be every bit as good as you want it to be. We didn't want to compromise on anything, and every one of our signature ingredients is still in the recipe.

Everything's now in place for our late-April test bake in our new facility right here in Washington state, and we'll be posting pictures and videos of this blessed event…the rebirth of BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES! And as always, thanks for your patience. It will be worth it!

MAY, MAY, MAY! Here we come!

The Process Continues…And Definitely Going Forward!

It really is an amazing phase we're going into, and we're making absolutely sure everything is perfect! Our new baking location is spectacular, and rarin' to go. Right now, we're getting all our ingredients in line for our test bake, and it looks like it'll be happening sooner rather than later.

Once we have the cookie and the packaging perfected, we'll be back - and this time, we'll be in stores and hospitality locations where you can get BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES any time you want them. And yes, you'll be able to order them right here at 

Thank you SO much for bearing with us during this new chapter. There's so much work behind the scenes going on, and we're very proud of how it's shaping up. We truly want to make a product you'll absolutely love, and that takes a lot of oversight and love on our part.

Meanwhile, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter (click the "All About You" link above to join in), and you'll be rewarded with updates, great music, fun photos and (at any minute) a date when you can once again enjoy BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES!

Much Love,


Survival Cookies Relaunch Update 1/22/2014

Hello from the great Pacific Northwest. We're all working 24/7 to get Survival Cookies back into your smiles, and it's getting closer to reality!

We'll be completely up front about our progress with you, our friends and fans. We're about to perform our test bake in our new facility located in Washington state. How far along are we? We'll soon be unveiling our brand new packaging (it's awesome!) and we're getting all the details added to it this week, like nutrition facts, UPC codes - all that fun stuff. We're mighty proud of our new look, so watch this space for it.

Survival Cookies themselves will be in terrific hands. Our new facility is wonderful (Hint: They were on a recent episode of Food Factory on the Biography Channel!), and our ingredient suppliers have been given the good news that we're back. It's a wonderful feeling to tell people we're back in business.

Although truthfully, we never were OUT of business! We've worked throughout the winter to get closer to the day when we start rolling Survival Cookies off the lines again.

Keep checking in, and ALWAYS follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Bonnie will post the tunes she's listening to that inspire her as she pulls it all together, and we'll update you on our progress.

It's happening. We're excited. And we know you're going to love this delicious new phase. Thanks for your patience and your support. They'll both be rewarded.

For now, here are the three words we say among ourselves: Small business rules!

It's 2014 - We're Holding On Tight for Our New Phase!

Hi, Survival Cookie Lovers. We wanted to update you now that the holidays are a happy memory...

We're about to launch into an exciting new phase with our delicious SURVIVAL COOKIES. Our original baker was overwhelmed with orders toward the end of 2013, and we parted very amicably. Our thanks to the sweet folks at Sweetwater Bakery for helping us plant our flag on the foodie landscape - and now we're going forward and upward.

We're about to announce our partnership with a new baker/packer who can easily keep up with the demand without compromising the quality of the SURVIVAL COOKIE we've all come to know and love. We begin our test baking this month, and we'll then begin to tour the Pacific Northwest to meet with retail outlets who are excited to carry our amazing cookie. And of course, we'll continue to sell them nationwide through

So keep watching this space, and we'll let you know when this exciting new step takes place! Keep up the energy and enthusiasm - you will be rewarded.

Bonnie's SURVIVAL COOKIES are absolutely coming soon!


FLASHBACK: The First Day of Bonnie's Survival Cookies!

As we start a relationship with a new baker, we want to take a moment to thank our friends at Sweetwater Bakery for being our first. Sandi, Iesha and everyone there did a wonderful job in helping us launch SURVIVAL COOKIES. Here's a video of the very first day SURVIVAL COOKIES were made for the public - with the first batch going to Washington State University. (They were an immediate sellout!)

Keep checking back for the return of SURVIVAL COOKIES - happening very soon!

The Two-Year-Old Growth Spurt

Whew. What an amazing summer and autumn SURVIVAL COOKIES had.

We wound up selling out our entire stock. But in order to keep up with demand, we now need to work with a larger baker.

"Larger" will NOT mean we're going to compromise on our ingredients, quality, flavor or nutrition we've become famous for, so we are seeking every assurance that SURVIVAL COOKIES will continue to be the same cookie you've come to love!

As we grow, we want to thank our friends and fans for making our first phase so much fun and so rewarding.

Keep checking back, subscribe to our newsletter or follow Bonnie in Facebook and Twitter. You'll be among the first to know when we relaunch!

Check back often. Write to us. We'll be here, and we look forward to bringing you more BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES real soon!

Survival Cookies Hit the Walla Walla Press

Pretty nifty ink in the Walla Walla Valley Weekly! Bonnie's booth at the Downtown Walla Walla Farmer's Market earned her this nice print spot in the July 16th edition. If you're in town any Saturday morning, come by for the fun and of course, the Survival Cookies!


This is it! The official start of summertime in Wine Country with the reopening of the Downtown Walla Walla Farmers Market - and Bonnie's Survival Cookies® will be there every Saturday. 

Get the lowdown on the market right here

We hope you'll be part of the fun, the food and the live music. Stop by and meet Bonnie and Howard, Saturday morning starting at 9.

Survival Cookies Debut in Walla Walla

All summer long, you'll find Bonnie's Survival Cookies at the world famous Downtown Walla Walla Farmers Market! Bonnie and Howard will be holding down the fort with samples, great conversation and of course, selling our amazing Survival Cookies for you to enjoy anytime in any quantity.

Join us! This wonderful farmers market is where locals and visitors mingle before launching into their weekend of wine, sunshine and relaxation. There's live music, local produce, and Washington's very own Bonnie and her Survival Cookies.

Survive your summer with the best tasting nutritious cookie you ever had. And if you've never been to Walla Walla before, we just gave you a great excuse.

Find our Survival Cookies shady spot facing Rose and 4th. See you there!

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