Bonnie's Survival Cookies®

Congratulations to Nick At Nite's INSTANT MOM

Wielding some serious Survival Cookies are the writing team of Annie Levine and Jon Emerson (l) and writer Sean Presant (r) of Nick At Nite's INSTANT MOM.

The show just got renewed for a third season...the same day Bonnie's Survival Cookies hit the craft services table.

Coincidence? Probably...but don't take chances. Do what the writers of INSTANT MOM did. Get a bunch of Survival Cookies and you too can be renewed. Order some now for YOUR craft services table, desk or kitchen.

NEW QUANTITIES of Survival Cookies Are Now Available!

You asked for it! Now thanks to popular demand, we're offering two new ways to get your Survival Cookies!

In addition to buying them by the dozen, you can now order in smaller quantities, but they're still the same ridiculously good Bonnie's Survival Cookies.

There's the Survival Cookie Quick Fix Four Pack - four Survival Cookies sent via 2-day shipping (included in the price) for those who need a fast fix of our decadent nutrition.

And now there's even a Survival Cookie Single Gift Box - one wonderful Survival Cookie with a free gift card carrying your message to anyone you want to send it to!

You can check them all out by clicking the button below. New ways to enjoy…so ENJOY!

Online and Flying Your Way!

This morning, we relaunched online ordering for Bonnie's Survival Cookies, and the response has been phenomenal! Practically the moment we threw our doors open, the orders came in from both new and returning friends.

We're overwhelmed by your loyalty and your patience! The first day's orders are already winging their way to our fast-on-the-draw friends.

Remember, you get FREE 2-day shipping on orders of two dozen or more.

Need a lift to your day? Got a kid going back to class? Want to spread some fun and energy to your most favorite co-workers? Get some SURVIVAL COOKIES and let everyone survive the day!

Thanks again. We're humbled and grateful! Now if you'll excuse us, we have cookies to ship...


After breaking our old single-day record for sales at Seattle Hempfest, we're making fresh SURVIVAL COOKIES for online sales!

We've shined up our website, cleared out the channels and made it so easy for you to enjoy SURVIVAL COOKIES once again!

We ship to anywhere in the continental United States, and if you order two dozen or more, not only will you become immensely popular at the office or at class, but you'll get them shipped via 2-day shipping for FREE.

So jump back in and enjoy BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES - just in time for the new semester and back to work.

Most of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and your loyalty! We hope we repay it properly with our new look and great taste!

Survival Cookies at Seattle Hempfest 2014, August 15 - 17, 2014

Look for the shady and colorful BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES booth at this year's Hempfest! Bonnie, Howard and Lori will be there all three days helping festival goers survive the weekend with our sensational Original Survival Cookies.

Hempfest is the largest festival of its kind anywhere on the planet, drawing over 300,000 people to Seattle's Waterfront for three days of music, food, fun and education.

You'll find us just north of the main stage and near the now-famous Stephen Colbert Bridge to Somewhere at Booth 490. Come on by, and enjoy some Survival Cookies and some great times!

The Test Bake Happened May 8th - And It Was AWESOME

We're told this doesn't happen often at a test bake, but our new co-packer, Fairlight Bakery in Vancouver, WA, and Bonnie declared the SURVIVAL COOKIES test bake a success on just about every level. Good enough for us to take delivery of over 700 new Survival Cookies and relaunch our great flagship!

While we still seek out new partners for online ordering, we'll be selling Survival Cookies once again at local farmer's markets, The Garden Restaurant in downtown Walla Walla and at upcoming major festivals in the Pacific Northwest. Keep checking to find out when and where. In the meantime, thank you for your support!

Videos are on the way!

Written by Bonnie Hoffman — May 20, 2014

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