Bonnie's Survival Cookies®

Bonnie is a native of Eastern Washington State, born and raised in Kennewick. She started her life in the trenches at restaurants, big and small, and stayed there for over 30 years. 

One thing she learned early on is that there was no opportunity to stop and take a meal break during working hours. 

So Bonnie baked bite-sized cookies at home with nutritious grains and oats instead of wheat - and she also made them with no dairy and no animal products. She also added coffee to keep her alert. During her shift, she'd sneak one of these cookies and it kept her going. 

She named them "Survival Cookies®" because they helped her survive her everyday life in the kitchen.

Over time, Bonnie took that cookie recipe and reworked it into a bigger cookie with a bolder flavor and luscious add-ins like rich Theo Chocolate chunks, Caffe Vita Coffee, sweet fruit, powerful micrograins and crunchy nuts. 

Each cookie is uniquely dense and incredibly satisfying.

Survive YOUR day with Bonnie's Survival Cookies. Real Cookies. Real Ingredients. Real Nutrition.

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