It's 2014 - We're Holding On Tight for Our New Phase!

Hi, Survival Cookie Lovers. We wanted to update you now that the holidays are a happy memory...

We're about to launch into an exciting new phase with our delicious SURVIVAL COOKIES. Our original baker was overwhelmed with orders toward the end of 2013, and we parted very amicably. Our thanks to the sweet folks at Sweetwater Bakery for helping us plant our flag on the foodie landscape - and now we're going forward and upward.

We're about to announce our partnership with a new baker/packer who can easily keep up with the demand without compromising the quality of the SURVIVAL COOKIE we've all come to know and love. We begin our test baking this month, and we'll then begin to tour the Pacific Northwest to meet with retail outlets who are excited to carry our amazing cookie. And of course, we'll continue to sell them nationwide through

So keep watching this space, and we'll let you know when this exciting new step takes place! Keep up the energy and enthusiasm - you will be rewarded.

Bonnie's SURVIVAL COOKIES are absolutely coming soon!


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