Survival Cookies Relaunch Update 1/22/2014

Hello from the great Pacific Northwest. We're all working 24/7 to get Survival Cookies back into your smiles, and it's getting closer to reality!

We'll be completely up front about our progress with you, our friends and fans. We're about to perform our test bake in our new facility located in Washington state. How far along are we? We'll soon be unveiling our brand new packaging (it's awesome!) and we're getting all the details added to it this week, like nutrition facts, UPC codes - all that fun stuff. We're mighty proud of our new look, so watch this space for it.

Survival Cookies themselves will be in terrific hands. Our new facility is wonderful (Hint: They were on a recent episode of Food Factory on the Biography Channel!), and our ingredient suppliers have been given the good news that we're back. It's a wonderful feeling to tell people we're back in business.

Although truthfully, we never were OUT of business! We've worked throughout the winter to get closer to the day when we start rolling Survival Cookies off the lines again.

Keep checking in, and ALWAYS follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Bonnie will post the tunes she's listening to that inspire her as she pulls it all together, and we'll update you on our progress.

It's happening. We're excited. And we know you're going to love this delicious new phase. Thanks for your patience and your support. They'll both be rewarded.

For now, here are the three words we say among ourselves: Small business rules!

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