The Process Continues…And Definitely Going Forward!

It really is an amazing phase we're going into, and we're making absolutely sure everything is perfect! Our new baking location is spectacular, and rarin' to go. Right now, we're getting all our ingredients in line for our test bake, and it looks like it'll be happening sooner rather than later.

Once we have the cookie and the packaging perfected, we'll be back - and this time, we'll be in stores and hospitality locations where you can get BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES any time you want them. And yes, you'll be able to order them right here at 

Thank you SO much for bearing with us during this new chapter. There's so much work behind the scenes going on, and we're very proud of how it's shaping up. We truly want to make a product you'll absolutely love, and that takes a lot of oversight and love on our part.

Meanwhile, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter (click the "All About You" link above to join in), and you'll be rewarded with updates, great music, fun photos and (at any minute) a date when you can once again enjoy BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES!

Much Love,


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