MADE IN WASHINGTON - And Another Update!

WASHINGTON PRIDE - There's one thing we've been proud of since day one, and that's keeping Bonnie's Survival Cookies true to our roots in the great state of Washington. Survival Cookies were born here, developed here, made here and launched here. So it gives us another dose of pride to be recognized by Impact Washington as a newly certified "Made In Washington" product. Our packaging and website will reinforce that by displaying this emblem. Thank you, Impact Washington!

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER UPDATE - Anyone who launches a new business will nod in recognition when we say a few speed bumps delayed our test bake. But now it finally seems all the puzzle pieces are in place and the gears all mesh. We're now a firm "go" for the first week of May to test our recipe and packaging at our new co-packer, Fairlight Bakery in Vancouver, WA. We can't wait to show you our packaging and results. Let's just say we're excited!

We can tell you this, and again, anyone who starts a business can relate: We've run a marathon, a triathlon, the Iditarod and an Indy 500...and we're now clawing and crawling our way to...the STARTING line! It's now in our sights. Thank you all for your support and for following our journey.

More to come...

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