An Update from Bonnie and the Survival Cookies

As we're regrouping and getting ready for our relaunch, we have some pretty exciting news. We're relocating to the Portland area to be close to our wonderful co-packer in Vancouver, WA, BakeWorks. Yes, we're still here, and yes, we're very much still very busy with the very long process of getting all the pistons firing before we go back into production.

The testing phase is complete, and we are very proud of the response to our Survival Cookies. To everyone who were our customers, we hope you will continue to be - and we thank you profoundly for your business and your feedback.

It's been a long, bumpy and very gratifying journey so far, but still - it's only the beginning. Once we get our relocating completed, we'll be lining up economics, distribution, volume, and new friendlier pricing than we already had. We won't skimp on the quality of our ingredients, and we will continue to support the Pacific Northwest by locally sourcing as many of our ingredients as we possibly can.

I'm still staying in touch via email and through our social channels, so please keep the lines open! That great news we keep threatening to deliver will come soon, and we look forward to getting Survival Cookies into your hands once again!

THANK you - and much love,

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