Are You Eating Frankenstein Food?

Dispute Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food -

Laboratories are having a ball playing with the genes of the food you eat. "Genetically Modified Organisms" - that's what these mutants are called, aka GMO's. This article addresses the consumer awareness of the fiddling with food these guys are doing.

I've been following this phenom for a long time, and I'm about as concerned about this as anyone is. I'm very proud that our Survival Cookies are non-GMO, right down to the last teff grain. And we're grateful that our partners Theo Chocolate, Caffe Vita and Chukar proudly display the non-GMO emblem as well.

Hmm. It's really odd that non-GMO foods have an emblem. It should be the foods with GMOs with the big honking warning seal.

Be careful what mutations you're eating out there.

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