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By Kelcie Moseley, Daily News staff writer 
From the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, April 17, 2012

Bonnie Hoffman left Pullman 14 years ago to live in Redondo Beach, Calif., with her husband, but she is still connected to Washington and Washington State University in big ways.

Hoffman started cooking when she was young and has worked for restaurants over the past 30 years, often as a line cook. She found herself working long hours at Swilly's in 1995 while also attending WSU for a Bachelor of Arts in English. Battling exhaustion and hunger was difficult during double shifts.

"Normally, on the line you're not supposed to be snarfing on the food," Hoffman said.

So, she started baking bite-size cookies at home. But rather than using butter, flour and other normal ingredients for the standard definition of cookies, she developed ones with grains, oats, nuts and a bit of coffee to keep her alert.


from the official blog of CAFFE VITA COFFEE

The inspiration behind 
Bonnie's Survival Cookies® came from long hours and a passion to seek out the best ingredients possible. From homebaker to cookie guru, Washington-born Bonnie Hoffman returned to her roots when fine tuning her recipe for Survival Cookies®.

We're excited to be included in the latest incarnation of the cookies, which feature Vita's 12,000 Rain Gardens Blend, Theo chocolate, and Chukar cherries. It's difficult to get any more Northwest than that.


12,000 Rain Gardens – The Campaign, Coffee, and Cookie
Big thanks to the good folks at Rain Dog Designs who wrote a terrific post on their site about the 12,000 Rain Gardens project - with a wonderful shout out to WSU, Caffe Vita and Bonnie's Survival Cookies®. Rain Dog is doing their part by including rain gardens in their landscaping services.