"Bonnie Hoffman has created the impossible – a healthy cookie that is actually delicious. With the help of her husband, Howard they have started Bonnie’s Survival Cookies and they're available online. I’ve been watching their progress the last year with great admiration. Think “the Manhattan Project” but with chocolate chunks instead of plutonium."

Ken Levine, Emmy-winning writer/producer/director of Cheers, Frasier, M*A*S*H and Everybody Loves Raymond

"Here's a cookie that has goodness and high-quality flavor: Bonnie's Survival Cookies! I was very glad to be hosted to experience them...I suggest you do, too!" - Tamar Fleishman

"The box of Survival Cookies arrived, and we were blown away. We have tried almost every alleged 'healthy cookie' in our local alternative market, and they have all been chalky, bland disappointments. The Survival Cookies are moist, rich and chewy, with a complex flavor that seems like it must be full of something very bad. But, reading the label, healthy fats, and ingredients I can pronounce and recognize as actual foods. My wife the college professor promptly absconded with them, to keep in her office for emergency nutrition. We are so happy to discover a food product that lives up to its reputation!"

Beau Weaver, Hollywood storyteller and co-star of Unseen

"I'm sorry to say Bonnie's Survival Cookies did not survive more than 10 minutes alone in the NBC kitchen. They did not stand a chance against the thundering herd."

- Matt Jacoby, NBC Universal