BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES® Ingredient and Nutrition Information

Net wt. 3 oz. per Survival Cookie
  • 6 grams of protein
  • Rich 70% dark Theo Chocolate chunks
  • Northwest-roasted Fair Trade coffee
  • Northwest Hazelnuts
  • Dates, oats and lots of nutritious whole ancient grains.
  • Wheat-free and Dairy-free, and loaded with flavor.
  • Survive YOUR day with the best cookie you ever had - the Original Bonnie's Survival Cookie®! 

INGREDIENTS*: Vegan Margarine, Golden Brown Demerara Cane Sugar, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Rolled Oats, Natural Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Fair Trade Non-GMO Theo Brand 70% Dark Chocolate, Organic Raw Hazelnuts, Date Pieces with Oat Flour, Brown Maskal Teff Flour, Fair Trade Coffee, Organic Coconut Sugar, Maca Powder, Organic Black Chia Seeds, Natural Bourbon Vanilla, Pacific Foods Hemp Milk, Redmond 100% Real Kosher Salt, Non-Aluminum Baking Powder
*Per new FDA regulations, ingredients are in order of weight, not volume