A Baker's Dozen of Individually Wrapped Bonnie's Survival Cookies® - LIMIT 2


Bonnie's Survival Bakery, LLC

Title: 13 Bonnie's Survival Cookies - LIMIT 2
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A big box of yum. 13 amazing BONNIE'S SURVIVAL COOKIES shipped fast!

Have a Survival Cookie party. Ship them to your kid away at school. Stock up for work.

No matter why you order Survival Cookies by the baker's dozen, the #1 reason is because they're ridiculously good and full of good stuff to help you (or whoever you order them for) survive the day!

Retail price is $2.99 each. It's like getting two Survival Cookies free!

Two-day Priority Mail Shipping is $8.95 for one baker's dozen, $11.95 for two.